Rental Guidelines


Each property we manage is individually owned, not by CPM.  We cater to family groups and cannot accept reservations for vacationing students or house parties.  We do not rent to students or to groups under 25, even if one or more parents or legally responsible adults accompany them.  Please ask the owner or property manager for special circumstances.   Reservations are encouraged and accepted up to 2 years in advance.  

PAYMENTS:  We require 50% within 7 to 10 days from the date of booking your reservation.  We accept check, money order or Credit Card payments as well as Paypal online.  Your agent will go over this with you at the time of booking.  Final payment must be received within 30 days prior to your arrival date unless special arrangements were made with your agent or last minute arrival.  

SECURITY DEPOSITS:  Each home is individually owned and has a different policy for security deposit.  Check with your agent for the property you are booking for specific information.  

CHECK-IN TIME:  Check-in is at 4:00 PM, Eastern Time, unless prior arrangements have been made with the property manager or owner.  Early arrival is NOT available if other guests are checking out on the same day you’re checking in.  Please wait until Housekeeping is complete before entering the property.  With multiple homes to clean, our home may not be the first one cleaned that day.  

CHECK-OUT TIME:  Check-Out time is at 10:00 AM, Eastern, unless prior arrangements have been made.  Late Check Out is NOT available if a guest is arriving the same day.  Please let us know in advance if you require late check out so we may check our calendar to see if it is possible.  

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  When preparing to vacation on the coast, there are a few circumstances that may interfere with your plans such as hurricanes, inclement weather, mandatory evacuations, illness, family emergencies, missed plane flights, etc.  Therefore, we HIGHLY recommend that you obtain travel insurance from a reputable company.  For a relatively small cost, travel insurance, can provide financial compensation for your hard-earned vacation dollars in the case of an unforeseen circumstance.  See the travel insurance links listed below.  When taking out travel insurance, make sure that you fully review what the policy includes.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  If you need to cancel your reservation, please contact the property manager immediately. Once you book your vacation, we cannot refund any deposits or monies paid. We may can assist with changing your dates or helping file a travel insurance claim.

MAINTENANCE & HOUSEKEEPING ISSUES:  Should any arise at check-in or during your stay, please call or text us immediately at 850-323-0907 for assistance.  

BEACH/BAY ACCESS: Check with your agent for the access to each property.  

SEA TURTLES:  During Sea Turtle Nesting Season, (May 1- Oct 31), please refrain from using flash lights or any flash film cameras or cell phone camera flashes, except for certified red LED turtle-friendly flashlights.  Regular flashlights disorient sea turtles from coming ashore to nest.  You can purchase LED turtle friendly flashlights online prior to your trip.  In addition, the county’s “Leave no Trace” Ordinance requires that between 9pm and 7am, all personal belongings left on the beach must be removed and holes filled in that are dug.  All personal items left behind will be collected and the county will dispose of them each night.  Please help us keep our beach beautiful and clean!

SEPTIC SYSTEM:  Please do not put any items in the toilet except toilet paper.  

STAPLE SUPPLIES and GROCERY SHOPPING:  We provide small soap bars, a roll of toilet paper, trash can liner, a roll of paper towels, and a Finish Tab for one load of dishes in the dishwasher.  Please plan to bring additional for your trip.  When you bring laundry detergent, please bring liquid or PODS and not powdered detergents because of the Aerobic Septic System.    There is a Dollar General located just across the bridge in Eastpoint and a Piggly Wiggly located in Apalachicola.  If you do not want to leave the island, we have a Piggly Wiggly Express and there is also the Island Market located beside Anchor Realty.  

GARBAGE PICK UP:  Garbage “pick-up” is early on Tuesday mornings.   Please make sure the can is under the house accessible for pick up.  Do NOT take cans to the street in the Plantation as this is strictly prohibited by the HOA.   

CABLE TV/INTERNET:  Our properties do offer cable TV or Satellite TV and free Wi-Fi service.  Occasionally due to weather or circumstances beyond our control, these services may be interrupted.  If you require internet service for business transactions, please plan on bringing a HOT SPOT as a spare just in case services are interrupted on our small island.  There are also local libraries that host free wi-fi and many restaurants.  The City of Apalachicola also has free guest wi-fi in the downtown area.  In the event utility services do go down, please understand that because we are a rural remote area, sometimes service providers travel several hours to repair and sometimes do not have the parts needed to repair immediately.  Guests understand that no refund of any monies are given, nor discounts given for interruption of these services that are short-term, non evacuation nature. 

AIR CONDITIONING:  In order for the air conditioning system to work properly during your stay, please keep all windows and doors closed at all times to prevent the unit from freezing up.  If left open, the unit will ice up and stop working and you could be without A/C until a technician arrives to repair and could be liable for payment of repair services.  

OUTDOOR LIVING AREA:  For your convenience, a Charcoal grill or Gas Grill is provided at each property.  Please do not move the grill to any decks and please take care to make sure fire is out before leaving unattended.  Please clean grill before departing for the next guest! 

BEACH MICE:  Beach mice are attracted to food and places to hide.  Please keep doors closed along with food and crumbs cleaned up off decks.  They are fast and scoot inside without you seeing them.  

MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY:  The Maximum occupancy for the property is not to be exceeded due to fire safety rules.   Please ask your property manager if you need to know more about the occupancy rules.  This property is not available for large groups or parties, day or night. 

SMOKING:  Smoking is NOT allowed inside the house.  If you smoke outside, please make sure doors and windows are closed so smoke does not drift inside and take care to dispose of butts properly.  We appreciate your help in keeping the grounds clean!

DURING YOUR STAY:  If you encounter a maintenance issue, please contact me ASAP!  You can call or text me, Sammy Thompson at 850-323-0907 or email  Recycling is located behind Centennial bank in an alley just east of Harry A’s.  




CONSTRUCTION:  St. George Island is constantly growing and changing and progress, as we know,  is inevitable.  Should you find yourself near construction, "roll with it."  :-)  

HURRICANE POLICY:   Should a hurricane or tropical storm threaten our area we will receive evacuation instructions from the National Hurricane Center and our local governing officials. If the Mandatory Evacuation order is issued, NO refunds will be given.  You will need to contact your travel insurance agent for refunds.   

DISCLOSURE:  The owners reserve the right to refund deposits, refuse to rent or discontinue occupancy.  Any reservation obtained under false pretenses is subject to forfeiture.  The owner or its authorized agents including the St. George Plantation Security and Coastal Property Management) may enter the property at any time for inspection, to complete repairs, resolve a maintenance issue, pest control services, or any other valid reason.  The owner is not responsible for accidents, injury to guests or loss of money or valuables of any kind.  Submission of this reservation form/guideline is an acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the Rental Agreement & Guidelines. 


Please remove all trash from the home and place in outdoor can and leave take to the street side.  

Place any wet towels in the bath tub or shower stall. 

Please wash, dry and put away any dishes.  

Remove all food items from the refrigerator and pantry.  Unopened items may be left for next guest. 

Make sure all beach towels are washed and placed back where found for the next guest. 

Place extra blankets back in closets where you found them.  

If you used the grill, please make sure charcoal is dumped in ash can and grill cleaned. 

Rinse sand off beach gear before leaving. 

Unplug Toaster and Coffee Maker.

Please adjust thermostat back up to 76 in Summer Season and 60 in Winter Season. 

Please make sure all lights and fans are turned off and windows and doors are locked before departing.

Please make sure key pad code is destroyed when leaving or place key back into the lock box and make sure it is secure. 

Please help us by providing a clean home and courteous service to our guests by keeping the home as close as possible to the way we provide it for you, along with vacating by 10AM so that our cleaner can start promptly at 10am.  

Rental Guidelines are subject to change at any time without notice.   

THANK YOU for helping us by taking care of our house as if it were your own.  This keeps our costs down and we can pass those savings on to you!  We love our little island cottage and love to share it with our valued guests!