Since 2014, Coastal Property Management of SGI has been putting owners and guests together on beautiful St. George Island, Florida. The world is complicated, why should your vacation be?  We have taken things back to the basics.  We truly are the company that is "caring for VRBO properties and their owners..."

Since moving my property to CPM I’m booking more weeks and have seen none of the add on fees and charges other management companies always seem to charge. The attention to detail is fantastic: if there’s an unbooked week I’m contacted to run a special, inquiries are answered almost instantly in a fun and professional manner day or night, and my property is always clean and well maintained. All of this for a fraction of the management costs I was paying. It’s not just that it’s a better value, it’s better care—better care for my property, my guests, and my piece of mind. I unequivocally recommend CPM to anyone interested in the best!
— Sheryl Clouse - Owner of Sea Gem